Completed Projects

Ideal Form secured the Formwork and Rebar package from Main Contractor Graham Construction. The package consisted of ten structures which included bridges and retaining walls and 1200 metres of concrete track line which was completed to tolerances of +/- 1mm. The project was completed within program and within budget.
Ideal Form was awarded the Formwork, Rebar and Crane Hire for the Grimsby River Terminal by Graham Construction. The project included the construction of a 80Mtr x 30Mtr x 5Mtr floating pontoon in a dry dock in Newcastle, which was floated in to position in Grimsby. A 250 metre approach jetty was constructed as well as a 70 metre finger pier.
Ideal Form was appointed by Graham Construction to construct 10 No Silos at the Port of Immingham. Ideal Form was responsible for the Rebar and Formwork package as well as providing the Crawler Cranes, with machines ranging from 100 Ton to 250 Ton. The silos were slip formed and were approximately 37 metres in diameter with an average height of approximately 54 metres. The first five of the ten silos were completed in 2013 and the final five silos completed in late 2014. The slip form was operated on a 24 hour basis with the shutter rising approximately 300mm per hour.
Ideal Form is proud to have carried out the Rebar and Formwork on the Rosie Hackett Bridge, Dublin. The structure was voted the Best Engineering Project of the Year by the Irish public in the Engineering Ireland Excellence Awards. At mid-span the depth of the structure is only 45 centimetres and links the North and South of Dublin City. The bridge was completed in early 2014.
The Samuel Beckett Bridge was constructed in 2006/2007, Ideal Form was awarded the Formwork and Rebar packages as well as providing the crawler crane hire required onsite. The project began with the construction of reinforced concrete abutments on each quay wall and a support pier in the River Liffey. A large sheet piled cofferdam was constructed to enable the pier to be built. The cable stayed bridge is unique in Ireland as it can rotate through 90 degrees to allow the navigation of marine traffic on the River Liffey.

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